WireFree Lite review from San Diego Metal Detector & Gold Prospecting Supply

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November 11, 2015
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WireFree Lite review from San Diego Metal Detector & Gold Prospecting Supply

Hello Fellow prospectors.

Well we are still right in the middle of summer and not too much going on. I might not have mentioned that a few months ago we had to say good bye to our beloved little dog Rusty. Many of you met him or at least heard him on my videos. He sure left a big hole in our lives when he lost his battle to cancer. After a few months Glynis and I decided to try and heal by getting a new puppy. Rusty will always be with us but we now will start new memories with our brand new Russell Terrier “Brandi”. She is a little terror and loves  to cuddle so she is going to fit right in. She already has left teeth marks in several gold pans at the shop! I think it is going to be hard not to spoil her.


With all that being said, this month I finally got a partial order on some new equipment I have been waiting on to try out. The first item is a wireless headset from Deteknix Inc.  When I opened the very fancy box, I was surprised by the build quality of the set. They are imported so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The unit I received for testing is model W6. It consists of a small transmitter which has a 1/4″ jack, a headset with the receiver built in, and a USB adapter cables for charging. The headset is very light and is totally self contained. I charged both the transmitter and headset for a few hours and then started my test. I used several detectors including a Gold Bug 2, Whites GMT, Garrett ACE400, and a Minelab X-Terra. I tested against a set of Nugget Busters, Gray Ghosts, Kloss and Garrett headsets. I wanted to determine if I could set the threshold at a bare minimum and have the W6 still pick it up. To my surprise in all cases the Wireless matched or surpassed the other headsets in performance. It could hear the faintest target over the threshold and was very sharp and responsive. Even with threshold just slightly turned off, the headset could still hear the faintest signal. They operate at 32 Ohms, so response is excellent. I had heard that many wireless headsets were lagging in target response. This unit operates on 2.4Ghz. and showed absolutely no lag at all when responding to any size target, at any swing rate. The head set is light, well built and seems to fit well. The only negative and it might be my personal preference, but I like a larger ear cup on my headset. These are similar to the smaller fancy stereo sets, but many of my customers prefer the less bulky earpiece like these.  Other than that they performed above my expectations and I was pretty impressed.  The company makes several different models. They  also make a wireless unit that you can use your own headset with. It is transmitter and a receiver that you plug your favorite set into. I have ordered this to try out as well. Perhaps next month I can let you know how those work as well..  They also make a metal detector for treasure, and will soon be introducing a prospecting unit as well as an underwater one as well. I am waiting for the detectors to come in for testing and will keep you updated on those. I did receive a rechargeable PinPointer from them for testing and will be updating you with that soon. I hope everyone is doing well, and like me can’t wait for desert season to get here. I tried a day out at the claims last week and it was 109F. Way too hot to spend any time out there. Hope you all enjoyed this months review, and look forward to seeing you at the shop. Please feel free to call or email with any ideas for future articles

Bob Petersen (the San Diego Prospector on You tube)

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